Currently we are planning to have Church this Sunday! However, we will not be having Communion this month, due to the weather forecast for Sunday morning and not knowing what will actually happen. Currently, the Parking Lot has been cleared but the problem may be with the refreezing of the melted snow creating an ice rink (as it was this morning) and/or if we get freezing rain on Sunday morning before changing to rain. Pastor Barry along with other Church Leaders will come to a decision together to decide if anything should change as things progress. Of course, we won’t know what Sunday will bring until Sunday, but if it has to be cancelled, they will have the robocall go out to everyone. If you signed up for the robocalls and you don’t hear anything, the Church will be open. However, as always, make you decision on coming to Church based on your situation. As you know, a mile or two can make a big difference on the road situation. Always stay safe!