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Sermon for September 27, 2020!

Good morning! Praying that all of you will have a wonderful day and be blessed this week! The following was on Facebook pictured on a sign (no author listed): “When you are hanging on by a thread, make sure it’s the hem of His garment”. Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy the sermon from Barry below!

Sermon for September 20, 2020!

Good morning everyone! Wow, it feels like Fall has arrived! Well here is a wonderful way to start this new crisp Sunday morning the Lord has given us: Settle in with your favorite morning drink and into your favorite chair while listening to Barry’s sermon. Have a wonderful week!

Sermon for September 13, 2020!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you are ready to start this week with a new sermon from Barry! So get your coffee or whatever you like to settle down with at the computer and click the sermon below. Have a wonderful and blessed week!

In support of Howie with Links to Motorcycle Ride and GoFundMe page

Good morning to everyone. There was a fund raiser at Ricks on the River yesterday as well as a ride in support of Howie. For those with access to Facebook, you can watch the video of the ride on Facebook at and at

For those who couldn’t attend the fundraiser but would still like to contribute, here is a link to the GoFundMe page:

Sermon for September 6, 2020!

Good morning! What a beautiful day! Please join us this morning for Barry’s sermon. Remember just because we can’t be in Church physically doesn’t mean we can’t continue to learn about our Lord and practice our faith. Please continue to remember those who are sick or hurting today and every day. Bless you all until we can meet again! ❤️🙏

Update on Howie

Update on Howie posted by Lisa Pruett Weadon on Sept 3rd: “Looking more like himself the last couple days. Hanging in there…waiting to find out what the next step in his recovery is going to be. We would both like to thank everyone again for the continued love, support, and prayers. ❤️

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