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Sermon for Nov 27, 2022!

We survived the rain yesterday morning and now we are awakening to a new day! Thank the Lord we are here to bring in the day! I hope you are all feeling healthy and happy for the ending of November and the start of December this week! Take care and share God’s love with everyone you meet! Remember: Jesus is the reason for the season! Celebrate His birthday month with love and concern as well gratitude for the life you have! Now here is the link to yesterday’s sermon:

Sermon for Nov 20, 2022!

Brr! Well, it was a cold weekend! However, we’re supposed to warm up again this week so Thanksgiving should be comfortable. That’s Virginia! But no matter the weather, we have a lot to be thankful for this year! We are here and though we make creek and crack when we move (at least some of us), we should be thankful that we are still here to be with family and friends. This Thanksgiving please remember all of those who have lost loved ones this year and especially those who will now be alone for Thanksgiving! Now to start your Thanksgiving week off right, here is the link to this week’s sermon from Pastor Barbara:

Sermon for Nov 13, 2022!

Hello and good morning! Count your blessings – you are awake and alive this morning! Yes, it’s a little cold but that’s expected as we get closer and closer to winter! And we may have more aches and pains due to the cold but be thankful we can still feel those aches and pains while being with family and friends! Even though the stores, the TV and the radio etc., are jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas, don’t forget to take time to celebrate Thanksgiving – time to be Thankful of all you have been blessed with and time to unwind and enjoy family and friends! If you know anyone who has no one to celebrate with this year, take time to include them in your celebration – you have no idea how much that can mean to someone! And now, here is the link to the sermon from yesterday by Pastor Barbara:

Sermon for Nov 6, 2022!

Well, November has arrived and yet this weekend was beautiful! We couldn’t have asked for better days that were made for being outside! I hope you all got to enjoy the weather as it looks like temperatures will drop a little this week but not to freezing yet – at least not around here. Thanks to all who helped with the Cleaning Bucket collections! Don’t forget to bring your Thanksgiving Basket items to church by this Sunday coming (Nov 13th). Praying you will all have a beautiful and blessed week! And here is the link to yesterday’s sermon to start your week off right! Take care!

Reminders – Upcoming Deadlines!

A few reminders:

1) Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight (Fall Back 1 hour)!

2) For those doing the Cleaning Bucket Donations they are due to the church tomorrow (Nov 6th)!

3) Next Sunday (Nov 13th) the Thanksgiving Basket items are due to the church!

Have a great weekend!