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Sermon for August 29, 2021!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is well and enjoying a great day! Remember – no matter what the weather is like, it’s always a great day to be alive! We all fuss and fume about the bad things associated with growing old but we need to be thankful that we have been allowed to be here on earth long enough to grow old! Take care and enjoy the week to come. Now here is today’s sermon, given by Lori Radolinski due to Pastor Barry having been on vacation, to start your week off:

Sermon for August 22, 2021!

Sorry this is so late being posted but I checked once on it and it was still processing and then I just forgot to go back and check again until now. Not an excuse, just the facts as it is! Again, I am sorry as I know some of you start looking for it in the early afternoon. I pray that you all have a wonderful week and that you and your loved ones stay well. Now here is today’s sermon.

Sermon for August 15, 2021!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is doing well today and for those who aren’t, my prayers are lifted that you will be well soon! The weather is kind of dreary here in Passapatanzy, VA today, however, I hope that the sermon will help brighten your day wherever you may be regardless of the weather. Remember to include those who may be sick or injured in your prayers – even those you don’t know personally. Anytime you are in the neighborhood, we would love for you to join us at church any Sunday – so drop in and enjoy the sermon and fellowship in person. Have a great week! Now for today’s sermon:

Sermon for August 8, 2021!

Good afternoon! Welcome! I hope as you watch this sermon you are able to reflect on how it affects your life. Please remember to pray for those who are sick or injured in any way. And may you be blessed as you go from day to day! Enjoy this week’s sermon!

Sermon for August 1, 2021!

Again I apologize for this being posted so late. However, I hope you find time to enjoy it anyway! Remember, we are open for Preaching at 9:00am and Sunday School at 10:00am every Sunday. We would love to see you there! Now for the sermon:

Where is the sermon from August 1st?

Hello everyone! So sorry I’m so late posting this but it’s been a busy week. We were unable to post the sermon from last Sunday due to vacations involving our technical staff. However, it is my understanding that we will be posting both the sermon from last week and this week on this weekend. I appreciate you bearing with us.