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Prayer request for Howie posted by Lisa last night:

Please say an extra prayer for Howie tonight. He has to go back into surgery first thing in the morning for a couple issues that have developed with his pelvis and his leg. Not at all how we expected this afternoon to go. 😢 Thank you all.

*Message from Howie… Thanks All. I’m going into this with my head up and my shoulders broad. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers through everything. Love you all. ❤️

Sermon for August 30, 2020!

Good morning! I hope this finds you all in good health and good spirits! Please remember to keep all of those who are sick or hurt in your prayers and thoughts! Now to start our week off right with a new sermon from Pastor Barry!

IMPORTANT! Parsonage phone is out of service!

The Parsonage phone is currently out of service. The telephone company has been notified but the expected date to come fix it isn’t until Sep 3rd! Anyone needing to reach Pastor Barry please call him on his cell phone at: (540) 816-9480. We’ll let you know when the Parsonage phone is working once again. Thank you!

Updates from Lisa on Howie:

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to share Lisa’s update for a couple of days as I haven’t been home much and my phone doesn’t always work as well as my computer. So here are a few updates starting with the latest:

Posted 7 hours ago: “Okay day for Howie today. A lot of nerve pain from yesterday’s surgery but otherwise doing fine. Should be moving out of the ICU tonight to a step down unit. One step closer to getting out!

From 1 day ago: “Howie’s surgery went fine today. They were able to take care of his foot, ankle, and knee so he should be done with surgery for a few weeks – until they have to remove the external fixator from his ankle. Thankfully, he’s back off the ventilator and resting well. ❤️

From 2 days ago: “Lots of improvement for Howie today … they were able to remove the neck brace and the feeding tube. PT came and got him sitting up in a chair for a while, then he actually got to have a real dinner. Still pretty out of it but definitely coming along. Surgery in the morning on his foot, ankle and leg. Thank you all for being so wonderful. We are truly blessed. ❤️

From 3 days ago: “Today… Howie is finally off the ventilator. His breathing is good and, although he is very “loopy”, he is aware of what’s going on for the most part. Still dealing with a lot of pain and coming to terms with the extent of his injuries and the impact they will have on him for some time to come, but definitely an improvement.”

From 4 days ago: “Today’s Howie update… Dr. said surgery on his hand this afternoon was a success and he came through fine. If all goes well overnight the plan is to get him off the ventilator early tomorrow morning.

Okay sorry for the long post but even those not on Facebook should be caught up on Howie’s condition and what has been happening now. Please continue to keep Howie, Lisa, Jimmy and the rest of his family in your prayers!

Update on Howie! Posted by Lisa last night – “Today’s update… Surgery on Howie’s arm went fine this morning. They decided to leave him on the ventilator until after his hand surgery tomorrow though. Thankfully, he was a little more alert this morning and actually made eye contact with me and tried to talk. Praying each day gets a little better. Thank you all for the continued prayers, texts, etc. Love y’all! ❤️”

Sermon for August 16, 2020!

Good morning! Yes, I know it is raining but be glad you are here to see the rain. Please continue to keep all of those who are sick or hurt in your prayers! And now, to start your week off right, here is todays sermon:

Update on Howie posted by Lisa last night:

Latest Howie update… They cut back on pain meds and reduced the assistance from the vent to try and wake him up today. He did open his eyes and would blink and move his toes on command but was being stubborn (no surprise there) and wouldn’t wake up enough for them to be able to remove the tubes…So, they’re giving up for today and will try again tomorrow starting earlier in the day. Thanks again to all of you for your continued prayers.

Update on Howie!

For those who aren’t friends on Facebook with Ol’ Passapatanzy Store or Lisa, here is an update on Howie from Lisa that she posted this morning. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!
“Update on Howie this morning…
They were able to stabilize most of his bone injuries in surgery yesterday. He is back in the operating room this morning for them to do more work on his bladder to hopefully repair the tear and remove any fluid that has ended up where it shouldn’t be.
I can’t begin to tell you all how much I appreciate the calls, texts, IMs, and FB comments since this happened. That and prayer are what’s getting me through this. Howie has not been awake since he went into surgery yesterday at noon but when he wakes up, I will share all of your kind words with him. I know it will mean the world to him also. Please keep the prayers coming as he has a long road ahead of him. Love and appreciate all of you.”

Prayers Needed!

Howie Weadon is in need of prayers as he has been in a bad motorcycle accident this morning. Please keep him, Lisa Pruett Weadon, Jimmy Weadon and the rest of their family in your prayers! The following is from Lisa’s Facebook page: “Please keep Howie in your prayers. He was involved in a bad motorcycle accident early this morning in NC and will be undergoing surgery soon to repair a broken pelvis and multiple other breaks and dislocations in his arms and legs. Thank you all for your texts, calls and prayers.”