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Sermon for Oct 30, 2022!

Good morning! Well, we are almost through the month of October! The months are just rolling on and we’ll be at Thanksgiving and Christmas shortly. Remember to reach out to those who don’t have family or are too far from family to be with them during the holiday season. You can’t imagine just how much a friendly gesture can mean to someone, especially when everyone else has someone to celebrate and enjoy the holiday with and you’re left alone! So, practice your Christian beliefs and do good to everyone you see this year! Be the people of Whoville, not the Grinch and who knows, you may be the one to help the Grinch of real-life change! Have a great week! Below is the link to yesterday’s sermon:

Sermon for Oct 23, 2022!

Hello, I hope you are having a really great weekend even though it’s a cloudy day with mist or rain falling depending on where you are! Be thankful that we have received so many nice days recently and we know we have to have moisture sometime. From us to you have a very nice and safe week to come! Here is your link to the sermon for today:

Sermon for Oct 16, 2022!

Good morning! We are thankful that we are able with the technology today to share our Sunday mornings with you all. But, that said, we want you to know that we would still love to see you in person on Sunday morning as well. Church on Sunday is to renew our faith and expand our knowledge of the Bible and how it ties in with our lives today, but another important part is gathering with friends and sharing our experiences from the week. So, if you are able, we’d love to see your smiling face at Church on Sunday, but if you are unable, then we will continue to be here for you! Take care and have a great week! Here is the link to Sunday’s sermon:

Sermon for Oct 9, 2022!

So sorry this is a little late this week, but it couldn’t be helped. But what a wonderful day we have had today! I know they’re calling for rain tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend as well! Count your blessings! So, I hope you are ready to enjoy the sermon and enjoy the rest of your week. Have a great week! Here is the link to the sermon:

Sermon for Oct 2, 2022!

Good morning! Okay, it’s a little chilly this morning but we have changed seasons and we should be expecting the cooler air. Over the weekend, we received quite a bit of rain from Hurricane Ian. While we needed the rain, those who sustained damage from the hurricane are starting to clean up! Please keep everyone who suffered loss of property and those who lost loved ones to the hurricane in your prayers this week as they start cleanup and grieve those they lost. Also remember in prayer those who are sick and those who have loss someone near to them for other reasons. Here is the link to the sermon from yesterday by Pastor Barbara. Enjoy!