Monthly Archives: September 2021

Sermon for September 26, 2021!

Wow, what a beautiful day! It is so nice here in Passapatanzy today! A beautiful day to go outside enjoy and all the wonders God has blessed us with here on Earth! Please remember to pray for all of those who may be sick or injured that they may recover soon! Let’s start the week off with a new sermon from Pastor Barry:

Sermon for September 19, 2021!

Good afternoon! Well, we are starting our third full week of September! WOW, does time fly! As we get into fall and we start getting some cooler days, don’t forget to check on your neighbors to make sure they are ready for winter, especially the elderly who may have trouble doing the little things we take for granted. Remember – some day we may be in the same situation as they are now. Although none of us know when we will leave this earth, we all hope there will be someone who will look out for us if we live to be elderly. Once again I ask you to keep all those who may be sick or injured in your prayers as well as their loved ones. Now for this week’s sermon:

Sermon for September 12, 2021!

Oh what a beautiful day the Lord has given us! I pray you are all doing well and are able to enjoy this wonderful weather. As we go into the Fall season here in Virginia, we will find our weather jumping back and forth from hot to cold and wet and dry and back again, but we should always be grateful that no matter what the weather is at any given time the Lord has allowed us to be here for it! Here is today’s sermon:

Sermon for September 5, 2021!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful day! It’s always a beautiful day when we are given another day to enjoy! Don’t forget to say prayers for all who are ill or injured. May our Lord walk with us, guide us, and give us the strength, the knowledge and the wisdom to do what he wants us to do while we are here to help those in need! Bless you! Now here is this week’s sermon: