Monthly Archives: February 2022

Sermon for February 27, 2022!

Wow! Look at that! Here it is already the end of February! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. If you woke up this morning, you are blessed! Please take the time to remember all of those who are sick or have lost loved ones in your prayers. And now let’s start our week off right with today’s sermon from Pastor Barry:

Sermon for February 20, 2022!

Good afternoon! Well, we are having another cold day here in Passapatanzy but that’s okay because it’s a good day to settle in and watch Pastor Barry’s new sermon for today. So, grab that drink, settle back in your chair, get comfortable and enjoy today’s sermon:

Sermon for February 13, 2022!

Hello everyone! Glad you made it back today! I hope everyone is well and safe and sound. If you go out tonight for a Superbowl party or anything, please be safe on the roads. I know the snow isn’t sticking but it is wet and as it gets later in the evening, it will possibly begin to freeze on the roads. Especially once traffic slows up. So be safe out there! And now enjoy the sermon for today:

Sermon for February 6, 2022!

Good afternoon! This has been a special Sunday at Fletcher’s – we welcomed two new members this morning! So, as you watch the sermon today, you will also get to see the new members join our church! Congratulations and welcome, Makayla & Will! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Please remember to include all who are sick and/or injured in your prayers! Now is this morning’s sermon from Pastor Barry: